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The simplest and best jams are made from just fruit and sugar and that's all there is in this jam: ripe locally grown no spray  strawberries and organic sugar, in just the right proportion to make a fine early summer jam that is bright red in its natural color.  We crush whole strawberries by hand, and add sugar, cook it down until it is the perfect consistency.  Some customers order a dozen jars at a time and kids and adults will eat it by the spoonful!  YUM! 

Ingredients:   strawberries-ripe, local, no spray, & organic cane sugar.  8g sugar per 1 Tablespoon serving.
#1 Extra Fancy grade 60% fruit/40% sugar

Available in:
9.6 oz glass jar

Woman owned, family operated. Our jams are hand poured and labeled with the date it was put in the jar, not the date it expires.
Unopened jars will last at least two years on the shelf. An opened jar will last 6-8 weeks in the refrigerator.

Strawberry Jam

Thank you for your pre-order! We will contact you when the Strawberry Jam is ready to ship!
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