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Our newest jam recipe and an instant classic! In this jam, light and sparkling in flavor, I have married two very classic jams... and reduced the sugar! The result? Pure, guilt free, heaven. Tastes like pie, made with 1/4 the sugar. Not as robust as the traditional Blackberry Jam, and not as acidic as the classic Rhubarb, but a beautiful balance creating a fluffy, smooth texture and an unexpected zip that is so buttery smooth you'll put a little extra on your toast, and not think twice about it. Made simply with Rhubarb, Blackberries, and Sugar...right here on our farm. It's been a hit with my family and I'm sure it will be with yours, too.   60/40 fruit sugar ration, low sugar, #1 grade

Ingredients: Unsprayed Rhubarb, Wild Blackberries, Organic Sugar.  4g sugar per 1 Tablespoon serving.

9.6 oz packed in glass jars.

Rhubarb Blackberry Jam

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