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Our ruby-red Red Raspberry Jam is luxurious. From its striking color and texture to the deep rich and tart flavor, this jam is one for the ages. A classic concoction of Raspberries and Organic Sugar, this timeless treat is perfect morning noon and night. We don't just limit its use to toasted breads, try topping your yogurt or ice cream for a delicious punch, or even use lightly in salad dressings and marinades.  Like many of our berry based jams, we use the whole berry and organic sugar, so expect there to be seeds, we offer some seedless jam options if you prefer your jams without. We have been out of Red Raspberry jam for a couple of years, as we couldn't find any organic berries near by.  I found a new grower 12 miles from me and they had a fall crop.  This is 60/40 fruit/sugar soft set jam, the highest quality.  Taste more fruit and less sugar, a tart fresh taste.  As usual, we use no pectin or citric acid, or any thing else added.  The skill of the jam maker is what it takes to turn fruit and sugar into such a treat of the season.    

Ingredients: Organic Red Raspberries, Organic Sugar
#1 Extra Fancy grade 60% fruit/40% sugar

Available in:
9.6 oz glass jar

Woman owned, family operated. Our jams are hand poured and labeled with the date it was put in the jar, not the date it expires.
Unopened jars will last at least two years on the shelf. An opened jar will last 6-8 weeks in the refrigerator.

Red Raspberry Jam

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