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Our Pear Butter is made from locally grown ripe Pears and nothing else. Only 1 ingredient, Pears!
Nothing more, no sugar added. We cook the whole Pears until soft, then pass through a food mill.  We cook down the pear pulp until it is a thickened fruit spread with concentrated pear flavor. There is over one pound of Pears in every jar. 
The pear tree has been in my daughter in law’s family for 4 generations and never sprayed with chemicals. 
We have several pear trees that are offered to us this year, a small red pear from friends adjacent to Shaker Village in Pleasant HIll Ky and a yellow bartlett from my neighbor down the road.  Both have never been sprayed with anything.  This is a good pear year 2021.
Packed in glass jar, 9.6 oz.

Pear Butter

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