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Our hottest and best seller! Coarsely ground brown mustard seeds and red wine vinegar combined with chopped garlic, horseradish and black pepper makes this one for lovers of hot stuff! The heat goes to the top of your head, but doesn't linger in your throat the way hot peppers do. As it ages, the garlic becomes more pronounced and greatly flavors this condiment.  One little spoonful will clear your sinuses!
Ingredients:  fresh ground whole certified organic mustard seed, filtered water, red wine vinegar, garlic, horse radish, sea salt, fresh ground organic black pepper
200mg sodium per 1 Tablespoon serving

Packed in glass jars, 7.5 oz

Hot Garlic Mustard

Thank you for your pre-order! We will contact you when the Hot Garlic Mustard is ready to ship!
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