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We make our hominy from white Hickory King corn. This is an heirloom open pollinated corn, known for making the best hominy. We cook the whole kernel corn in a nixtamalization process using culinary lime (calcium hydroxide) and  water. 
After cooking and soaking repeatedly, the indigestible outer skin of each kernel of corn is softened and removed with multiple washings of fresh water and hand agitation. 
The corn becomes tender and is transformed into nixtamal and swells to 2-3 times in size. At this point we drain the corn and dry it without added heat for 2 days.  Our dried hominy can then be used by cooking with 3 parts water to 1 part hominy plus salt. Cook minimum of 50 minutes over medium heat or cook long and slow for several hours or more or in crock pot. It can be used in soups, pozole, sautéed with oil until crispy edges form, and as an addition to any recipe calling for hominy/pozole.
Packed in 2 pound package.    ( 2 pounds dried hominy makes 6 pounds cooked hominy) approximately 18-20 cups cooked

Hominy -Pozole - Dried

Thank you for your pre-order! We will contact you when the Dried Hominy is ready to ship!
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