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12/12 oz bags per case.

We have been growing an old time open-pollinated white corn called Hickory King.  We have it made into corn chips (tortilla chips) for us.  The corn chips are cooked in sunflower oil and are lightly salted.  This heirloom corn is NON-GMO corn that is delicious.  It has higher sugar and protein than most other corn.  It has been grown in our area for over 300 years.  The chips taste so good you don't even need salsa!  Packaged in 12 oz bags.  There are 12 bags to a case.  Bags are dated for freshness.  Will stay fresh for 2-3 months.  

Update: 2/12/2024  Organic Hickory King Corn from our 2023 crop is used for our corn chips.  Crop was grown and harvested by organic Amish farmers working with mules in Bath Co. Kentucky.  It was a good year and we have enough corn in storage for the next year and more.   Product dated Best By 5/14/24 and after are Organic.


NOTE: Our corn chips are usually made with organic Hickory King white corn, grown for us by several organic farmers in Kentucky.  The seasons vary and sometimes we do not get enough yield to cover all the corn we need.  Twice in 10 years we have run out, this second time being now, 8/14/23. 
Notice on Corn in corn chips:
The Hickory King corn used in our corn chips, starting with batch dated: Best before 11/1/23, is Not Organic. It is low spray, grown in Ohio, by a small family owned seed company. It is Non GMO and it is heirloom.   We have enough organic corn for our hominy, cornmeal and grits. But not enough for our corn chips which require 750 pounds per batch.
We will continue to use the non organic, low spray corn for our corn chips until  the 2023 crop is harvested, usually mid October.  Our labels reflect the changes, removing the words Organic and Kentucky grown from the description.  
It is not easy to find the heirloom grain in the Organic or Open Market.  I am exploring using other white open pollinated heirloom corn varieties in addition to Hickory King, in the hopes we can have security in numbers by having a diversity of seed stock that will perhaps grow better and taste as good. John Bell of Elmwood Stock Farm is growing some this year, 2023.
If you would like to know more, please contact me. 
Thank you for your involvement in farm fresh foods.
Jennifer Gleason

Corn Tortilla Chips, NON-GMO, Heirloom white corn, Case of 12

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