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This corn is delicious and has more sugar and protein than most other corn. As much as 23% more protein.   It has been grown in our area for over 300 years and is recognizable to many ancient cultures around the world.  We have been growing this corn for our cornmeal and grits for over  twenty years.  It is also loved for hominy and making moonshine.  A local Mexican restaurant owner told me our chips taste like the homemade chips in Mexico, 50-100 years ago. These are the real thing, cooked in sunflower oil and lightly sprinkled with sea salt   You can really taste the corn.    A ready to eat local snack food that is healthy. 
Packed in a 12 oz bag. with 5 bags Minimum shipped in box.  cost is $6.00 bag/$30.00 box

Corn Chips - 5 BAGS

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